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ONE Stop Shop For ALL CEREC® and inLab® Consumables
DentalCADCAM is the first and only e-provider for all CEREC and inLab consumables – a successful enterprise since 2008.

DentalCADCAM is your One-Stop-Shop for all CEREC® and inLab® consumables. This professional online Shop comprises everything you need for the design and production of computer-aided dental restorations with CEREC® or inLab®. The concept of DentalCADCAM is unique. Its assortment is being compiled and frequently updated by an experienced CEREC® dentist and has been tailored precisely to the needs of dentists and technicians according to their CAD/CAM-workflow. If needed you can also get an individual consultancy onsite to assist you in choosing the appropriate products and arrange them ergonomically in your lab or practice.

At DentalCADCAM you find everything you need for your dental CAD / CAM success: instruments, drills and diamonds for the perfect preparation, powders and Contrast Spray for precise digital impressions, your favorite materials and blocspolishers and brushes, scan plasters, paints and glazes and much more. In addition, DentalCADCAM offers the most recent professional literature and training courses for dentists and dental technicians. comprises over 4,000 consumables. The keywording for the products is in accordance with the indications of computerized dentistry and thus simplifies the navigation on the site. DentalCADCAM is easy to use and provides fast and reliable delivery.