Please Stop Under-prepping!


How many times have you prepped “enough” only to see in your CAD software that there is, in fact, not enough reduction? This can be avoided if you stop under-preparing the teeth and today we are sharing a brilliant solution to this problem: Dr. Mike’s Reverse Preparation Kit. We believe in it so much, we started producing this kit here at DCC. But let’s also hear from a dentist who wrote about the Reverse Preparation Kit recently in Dental Economics magazine:

“One of the reasons I admire Dr. DiTolla so much is that I saw him speak right after I graduated from dental school ... and he highlighted the reverse preparation technique. My dental school taught depth cuts, but not at the same level and precision as Dr. DiTolla. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the reverse preparation technique, imagine prepping a nice deep chamfer margin first and then reducing all of the axial excess above that. Traditionally, we are taught the opposite: Reduce the axial walls until you can place a chamfer margin.

At first blush, I thought the technique was a “cute” idea and mentally filed it away in my brain’s trash can. After struggling with a tough prep one day, the technique bounced back into my mind. I dug up the old bur kit from the course and gave it a shot on my next prep. I have not stopped using the reverse preparation technique since. Home-run to deep center field for Dr. Mike’s Reverse Prep Kit by DentalCADCAM!”

Our collaboration with Dr. DiTolla led us to create this 1 hour 13 minute webinar explaining the background of this innovation and how you can begin achieving adequately reduced preparations in your practice every day. If you are signed up to our DCC Newsletter, you can view the video immediately. If you are not already subscribed to our weekly Newsletter, here is your chance and the webinar is your reward.

Good luck and good prepping!


Dr. Mike's Reverse Preparation Kit